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Meat/Dessert Fundraiser – Order Deadline Sept. 26

The grade 8 students are continuing with their fundraising efforts for their 2020 spring sailing trip with the Neufeld Meat, Pies, Cookies and Rookworst.

To place an order:

1) Print off a copy of the electronic form and return completed form with payment to a grade 8 student (or one of the school offices)
2) Pick up a paper copy from a grade 8 student and return completed form with payment to the grade 8 student.
3) Pick up a paper copy from any of the school offices.

  • Please include your contact information.
  • If you are interested in supporting a specific grade 8 student remember to add their name to the form.
  • Please make cheques payable to “Surrey Christian School”.

Orders are due at any of the school offices on or before Thursday, September 26.
Order pick-up is Wednesday, October 9 at the secondary campus parking lot near the gym at 2:30pm.

NOTE: Preference is that all orders flow through a grade 8 student who is then responsible to pick up and deliver orders to their customers.

If you cannot connect with a grade 8 student and you submit your order directly at a school office, then you must pick up your own order.

Click here for the Meat Order Form
Click here for the Dessert Order Form
Click here for the Rookworst Order Form

Questions? Email: