Personal Counselling

Counselors’ Corner: Introduction and Invitation
Our secondary campus at SCS has 2 counselors: one academic counselor, LuAnn Westerhuis, who serves in the areas of course selection, scholarship application and post-secondary preparation and one personal counselor, Kathy VanAndel, who serves students in the areas of relationships and support through life’s challenges.

As the students’ personal counselor, I welcome the secondary campus community to involve me in personal challenges that may present themselves throughout this school year. It is always important to be heard, to have someone bear witness to your experiences, to feel supported, and to work towards resolving or managing issues that are difficult; there are times when a counselor is the right person to provide this. To be clear my role as a counselor is collaborative; it is more similar to a coach and resource person than an expert.

In my years as a counselor I have found that students and parents are much more reliable experts on their lives than I, an outsider, could ever be. The key for me is to help students explore, understand, and engage in changes in their lives that result in growth, hope and encouragement.

My hope is that the compassion and wisdom of Jesus will light the paths of students as I work with them this year.