Student Services

Our staff of dedicated Christian professionals have felt the calling of God to be involved with the business of educating young  people. Everyone from the receptionist to the janitors, to the librarian and the teachers direct their energy and passion toward making our school the kind of place that transforms young lives. Our teachers are trained in universities and colleges from all over North America and are certified to teach in British Columbia schools. Some have graduated from Christian institutions and others have had additional training in Christian education, pedagogy and worldview. Together we form the team that serves the many needs of our students.

Academic Counseling
We provide an extensive academic counseling service to our students who require assistance in course planning and selection, career planning and university application processes.

Personal Counseling
We provide a personal counseling service to students who require the assistance of a professionally qualified personal counselor.  The private and confidential service is available to all.  Parents can be drawn into the counseling process when this is needed and appropriate.  There are times when the counselor will meet with small groups of students explore issues of concern.

The Advisory Program at the Secondary campus is designed to enhance community among students and staff. The groups have an average of 16 students and 1 or 2 staff members each which meet every Monday morning and every second Wednesday.

From devotions to meals shared, from Service Projects to competitions, and from discussing campus-life issues to cleaning up lockers, these multi-age groups experience school life together. The intention of advisory groups is to promote a sense of belonging and responsibility among our students; no one remains anonymous and all contribute.

As a school community we gather every other week and on special occasions to worship together.  We reflect who we are as the worshipping body of Christ.  We come from many different denominational church backgrounds and in the school chapel setting we express the unity of our faith in Christ through music, scripture readings, liturgy, drama, visual arts contemplation and prayer.  There are also special times in the liturgical year when we gather together to celebrate the high points of the Christian Yearly Calendar.

The secondary campus also has a small chapel space where individuals can gather for personal or group prayer and meditation.  Teachers may take their classes here throughout the course of the year to gather in a contemplative setting when this is appropriate and necessary.  Students are encouraged to use this space for Bible Study and prayer and to respect the nature of the special room.