Staff Secondary

Our staff of dedicated Christian professionals have felt the calling of God to be involved with the business of educating young  people.
Everyone from the receptionist to the custodians, to the librarians and the teachers direct their energy and passion toward making our school the kind of place that transforms young lives. Our teachers are trained in universities and colleges from all over North America and are certified to teach in British Columbia schools. Some have graduated from Christian institutions and others have had additional training in Christian education, pedagogy and worldview. Together we form the team that serves the many needs of our students.

Dave Loewen | Superintendent
Clara Atagi | Development Coordinator
Christina Binnema | Finance/Accounts Receivable
Carolyn Gerber | Executive Administrative Assistant
Joanne IronsideDirector of Finance
Jessica Liu | International Student Coordinator
Clarissa Medel | Administrative/Finance Assistant
Helen ParkInternational Program Director

Tim Antonides | ELL Program Director
Matthew Beimers | Cloverdale Campus Principal
Elisabeth Bron | Enrichment Coordinator
Darryl DeBoer | Director of Learning
Sylvia DeWeerd | Educational Support Services Coordinator
Mylana Goheen | Strings Teacher
Michael Hoffmann | Maintenance Manager
Francis Panes | System & Network Administrator
Pamela Soanes | International Department

Mark Nill | Principal
Joe Melissen | Assistant Principal/Business
Sue Alberts | Assistant Principal/Social Justice
Todd Bakker | Science/Math/Lead Across Cultures
Angela Balmer | Humanities
Margie Bandringa | Administrative Assistant
Dane Boersma | Bible/PE
Sharlene Boessenkool Educational Assistant
Elissa BuikemaScience
Judith CarcamoSpanish
Gary Chapman | Science/PE/LEAD
Katie Dekens | English
Leanne Engbers | English
Sean Engbers | Athletic Director/Internships/Rec Leadership
Melanie Friesen | Humanities/Socials/Foods
Reuben Hoetmer | Bible/Science/Math
Mike Jonker | Science/Info Tech
Aimee Kent | Education Assistant
Richard Kimball | Woodworking/Mechanics
Ashley Kizito | Education Assistant
Lisa Kramer | Education Assistant
Helena Kube | Education Assistant
Janice MacDonald | Humanities/PE/Leadership
Carmen Meier | Guidance Counselor
Leah Meyer | Education Support Services Coordinator
David Miedema | Socials/Geography/History
Belinda Morsink | French/English/Communications
Moses Myung | Music
Sophie Nagtegaal | Bible/Grad Transitions
Julia NutterHumanities/English/Drama
Jeff Piers | Education Assistant
Stephen Quissy | Art/Socials
Danielle Reddy | Education Assistant
Kelly RempelAdministrative Assistant
Dane Splinter | Bible
Margaret Straatsma | Custodian
Abby Tamaray | Educational Assistant
Kathy VanAndel | Personal Counselor
Adrian Vandenberg | Math
Maria Vandenberg | Librarian
Mark Vandenberg | Drama/Info Tech/Marketing/Bible/Yearbook
Josh Vandiermen | Education Assistant
Lisa Verveda | Science/PE
Lars WallEducation Support Services  Coordinator/Media
Janessa Warkentin | English/Socials
Christine Yip | Math