Science at Surrey Christian School is an active and intentional approach to explorative learning that engages the larger concepts of all the sciences.  We have developed curriculum that encourages students to create and understand information rather than memorize and forget it.  Through the use of labs, probe-ware and technology, our lively staff makes the science classroom an engaging, transformative and exciting place to be.

Some highlights of our science department are working closely with the local salmon hatchery, local parks departments and the Vancouver Aquarium in understanding our role in restoring God’s world.  Trips to forests, streams and rivers, Arocha, Bamfield Marine Research Station, and sailing trips around the Gulf Islands allow our students to see the world from a different lens and further consider their role in caring for this planet.  Experiments in Chemistry, Biology and Physics not only allow our students to learn the necessary research skills needed to be successful in University and beyond the classroom, but to actively participate in their learning in such a way that they will remember it forever.