The Language Department offers two choices for language study from grades 8-12:  French and Spanish.

In French 8-12 we teach students to value, read, write, understand and speak the language effectively through a communicative-thematic approach.  We explore French culture in Canada and around the world and celebrate God’s gift of language and the diversity of His creation, while emphasizing the relational aspects of language.  We teach our students to love and learn from our neighbours and to be a blessing to others by showing hospitality.  Our courses are taught in French as much as possible in the early grades and by grade twelve all classroom instruction and learning is done in French.  All graduation requirements and learning outcomes are integrated daily into classroom objectives.

Every year our senior students prepare a bilingual Christmas Program that we present to Seniors in a French retirement home.  After the program, students enjoy mingling with the residents while offering them their homemade baked treats. This gives our students the opportunity to use their language skills in an authentic setting.

One highlight of the French program is an opportunity to participate in a Quebec Exchange every second or third year (in either grades 10, 11, or 12). This is a reciprocal exchange which allows students to experience each others’ daily lives, use and learn more of their second language, build relationships, and foster cultural understanding.

SCS offers Spanish classes from grade 8 through 12.  Our thematic units based on different countries in the Spanish speaking world, offer each student opportunities to understand the dynamic of Hispanic culture while improving reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.  We sing, pray daily on one’s own and in groups, play games, read a Spanish novel and magazines, watch movies unique to Latino culture and history, have fiestas, make piñatas, invite speakers to share with us, and plan immersion trips to Costa Rica and Guatemala.

At the end of the year, our grade 12s present their life stories completely in Spanish encouraging a real connection with our local Spanish-speaking community. Many students who have taken Spanish have gone on to participate in many different missions trips to Central America where their passion for service is enriched by their ability to speak to the local people.