Media Arts

Media is all around us, we cannot ignore its impact on the society in which we live. God has used media to further his Kingdom whether it be through the publication of The Bible or Christian music artists. In turn, we are to use media responsibly, but due to our sinfulness, media is used to deceive, to stereotype and to lead others astray. We have the opportunity to dissect media and ask ourselves the true meaning behind all the superficiality. Instead of being passive when it comes to forms of destructive media, we must take action and produce media that is based in Christian ethics and morals. Through this course, we  help our students grasp a better of understanding of the world around them as well as give them the opportunity to take their first steps into a field that is desperately in need of a Christian influence.

For this assignment, students are free to pick a film with a distinct genre. Their goal is to change the genre by manipulating existing footage from the film and adding their own music and titles. This assignment was created to show how film is altered to elicit specific emotional responses from their audiences. Enjoy.