Falcons Motor Club

The Falcons Motor Club is a small group of students who share a passion for learning about and working on mechanical things. They meet after school and projects have included a dirt bike, a couple of motorcycles, and a few cars.

The Motor Club Goals are:

  • Learning: Students learn about mechanical things, tools, and problem-solving
  • Experience: Students get their hands dirty while being a part of something with a tangible, authentic result
  • Community: Students in the club connect with each other across grades, with teachers outside of class and with other people outside of our school community
  • Service: Use our facilities, time, and knowledge to serve others and equips students to gain skills that can be of service to others outside of school.

SCS Drag Racing

On top of working on projects at school, the club also participates in high school drag racing! 2015/16 was our first year racing with other schools in the British Columbia Secondary School Motorsports Association (highschooldragracing.ca). We are currently building a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 that we hope to get on the track this season. To find out more about how you can help this project along, see the link below.

> Sponsorship Opportunity


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