Our Commitment to Academic Excellence
At Surrey Christian School we value Excellence Through Wholeness in Academics.  Our teachers and guidance office are committed to each individual student to give them the best education tailored to their needs and gifts. Our commitment to excellent education while integrating a strong biblical worldview will ensure your child is not only prepared for the academic rigor of University/Technical College or travel, but to prepare them for work and life beyond schooling within the proper framework of a Christian perspective.  We take both academics and worldview very seriously as we foster the future generation of Christian world workers and leaders so we will hold the student athlete accountable to their academic success and struggles.

Our Commitment to Athletic Excellence
At Surrey Christian School we value Excellence Through Wholeness in Athletics.  Our coaching staff is committed to each player’s development and needs in order to encourage growth within their sport and reach their potential.  We demand a commitment by our student athletes to be part of the “team” approach to be at practice which involves working hard, encouraging and empowering others while doing what is necessary to do their best.

Our Commitment to Developing Leaders
At Surrey Christian School we value Excellence Through Wholeness in Leadership.  We expect and demand that students playing on Falcons teams and representing our school in public are helping our program to continue to be one that is both respected and held in high regard by others.  As players move through the program and onto senior teams, the expectations will increase in their leadership within the pre-K to 12 system.  Running camps and encouraging and inspiring the youth coming up will help to maintain the Falcon spirit and insure we are competitive for years to come.   We also hope that students will become leaders on their team, on the court and in the school’s classrooms and hallways.  Promoting a positive culture in the school and in our local and provincial games/championships should be seen in our student athletes at Surrey Christian School.

Our Commitment to Your Child’s Personal Growth
At Surrey Christian School we value Excellence Through Wholeness in Personal Growth.  We hope that all students are impacted by athletics in a positive way and that their life is a reflection of how they develop over their years in the program.  Seeing them grow in all areas of wholeness (spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social) are a part of the bigger picture of our dreams for our student athletes.  We hope that the experiences they have working as a team for a common goal will prove to be an invaluable experience in relationships and life settings that will allow for making good decisions in their life.

Our Commitment to Spiritual Development
At Surrey Christian School we value Excellence Through Wholeness in Spiritual Development.  A large part of Christian Education is to instill a desire for your faith to encompass all areas of living; this includes athletics.  We believe strongly that our teachers, coaches and volunteers in the school should pursue a life that desires the Kingdom of God and tries to reveal our God in all areas of life.  As coaches, we are called not only to teach the game that we are a part of, but more importantly to mentor the players into a life that desires a commitment to bringing the Kingdom of God here on earth. Showing the fruits of the Spirit through our play, the way we live our lives and the way that we treat others, should be evident of us.  When mistakes happen, restoration is the goal and teaching a “new way” to live will be a big part of how we run our relationships and teams within our program.

“Nothing Matters but the Kingdom of God,

But Because of the Kingdom of God, Everything Matters.”

Gordon Spykman