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At Surrey Christian School we value the experience gained from work placement experiences and apprenticeship placements for our students.  In 2012/13 we had over 30 students having on the job training in areas such as Environmental stewardship, Architecture, Teaching, Veterinary medicine, Outpatient Care, Nursing, Pastoral care, Journalism, business, design, and data entry.  All of our students will graduate with not only a dogwood certificate, but in many cases over 200 hours of work experience gaining skills that are not possible to learn in a classroom and high school setting.

One of the visions we have for education in the future is that our students will graduate with on the job training where they are mentored by people in the workplace doing the jobs and vocations that our students have the interest, skills and abilities to help them achieve success  both now and in the future.  Students will receive accreditation through Fraser Valley Distance Education Work Experience Program 12A and 12B.  We believe Surrey Christian School is at the forefront of high school co-op programs and that workplace experience is as valuable as the classroom experience and should be pursued while attaining their graduation requirements.

We also offer apprenticeship 11/12 where students will be in school one day, and at work the next.  They can get paid, while at school gaining experience in a field of interest.  They will receive credit and experience that will not only guarantee their placement into apprenticeship programs at Technical Institutions within BC and Canada, but give them scholarships to go to those schools.

Our world is changing…Education is changing…so are we leading that change.

Student responses:

  • “Through my work experience with a mentor I have learned a lot about communication and organization.  I have learned about working independently and managing my time, especially while working with deadlines and dealing with distractions. “
  • “So far, over the course of the year I have learned a lot about salmon, their habitat, sustainability, and environmental stewardship; what is being done to ensure they                remain a part of our local ecosystems. In the upcoming months I will continue to lean about salmon habitat, as well as many other kinds of marine life and what      can be done to protect them.  I love that I’m able to mix different areas and work into my internship work experience. Working at the hatchery for a few months was interesting and enjoyable, but I’m very excited to be working at a bigger facility: the Vancouver Aquarium. It will be a completely different kind of experience, but still within the field of environmental studies.”