Staff Elementary (Cloverdale)

The Primary School staff offers a safe, caring and stimulating environment geared toward the early learning needs of the whole child. Teachers and parents partner to build on the foundation to support a love for lifelong learning. Each grade participates in a variety of engaging field trips that support and extend the curriculum.

Dave Loewen | Superintendent
Clara Atagi | Director of Admissions
Christina Binnema | Finance Administrator/HR
Carolyn Gerber | Executive Administrative Assistant
Joanne Ironside | Director of Finance
Jessica Liu | International Student Coordinator
Clarissa Medel | Finance Assistant
Catherine Miles | Finance Assistant
Nicole Miller | Development Coordinator
Helen Park | International Program Director

Tim Antonides | ELL Program Director
Elisabeth Bron | Enrichment Coordinator
Daniel Chow | IT Administrator
Darryl DeBoer | Director of Learning
Sylvia DeWeerd | Educational Support Services Coordinator
Mylana Goheen | Strings Teacher
Beth Gray | Personal Counsellor
Michael Hoffmann | Maintenance Manager
Francis Panes | Systems Administrator
Pamela Soanes | ELL Teacher

Matthew Beimers | Principal
Brenda Aukema | Grade 3
Ashley Bowker | Grade 3
Genny Buchanan | Early Learning Manager
Randi Buchanan | Out of School Care Supervisor
Julia Buurmeester | Education Assistant
Amanda Cheung | Grade 5
Nancy Cordeiro | Custodian
Doug Golding | Building Maintenance
Lori-Ann Hooft | Education Assistant
Adrienne Hummelman | Education Assistant
Amanda Johnson | Teacher & Multi-Age Daycare
Cari Locken | Music
Jytte-Marie Lowry | Out of School Care
Krystal Luymes | Kindergarten
Austin Malnis | Grade 4
Karen Marchinkow | Education Support Services Coordinator
Rachelle New | Grade 2
Kristen Parker | Education Assistant
Caitlin Perry | Education Assistant
Wanda Peters | Grade 6
Sue Prochnau | Education Support Services Coordinator
Mark Reimer | PE
Andrew Richmond | Education Assistant
Susanne Schoenroth | Administrative Assistant
Julianne Simon | Education Assistant
Christine Smith | Grade 2
Marcus Todd | Grade 7
Heidi Walters | Grade 1