Music Primary

The primary music program at SCS is designed for students to explore, create, and make music from the heart. Preschool through grade three music has a strong emphasis on learning the fundamentals of music—rhythm, melody, and expression—while also encouraging students to become intelligent listeners, creative composers, and proficient singers. We spend much of our time in song, playing pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, and playing music games. Students engage with music and composers from many eras of music history and many parts of the world to develop diversified listening ears and broaden their taste and understanding of music.

Music is one of the only disciplines that uses every part of the brain and is therefore an extremely important aspect of our education and childhood development. Furthermore, music connects us—head and heart—within our human experience. Most importantly, though, music is a gift from God meant to be used to honor and praise Him, and we are constantly seeking to use our gifts in this way at SCS.

The primary music program performs two concerts each year, one at Christmas and one in the spring. These concerts are open to our community and are a way of presenting our hard work, blessing our community and praising God.

Upcoming Concerts

Thursday, December 8 – Christmas Concert
1pm & 7pm at Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church

Thursday, January 26 – Canadian Concert
1pm & 7pm at the PAC (SCS Secondary Campus)

Thursday, May 4 – Arts Evening K-3
Time TBA at the Elementary Campus