Grade 7

Grade 7 is an exciting time, as it is the final year that students attend the middle campus!  At Surrey Christian School, our goal is to educate for wholeness.  In grade 7, wholeness looks like:

  • A two day, one night band camp
  • Authentic leadership roles within the school
  • A youth-based alpha program that focuses on students’ relationship with Jesus
  • An “Egg Drop,” where students design an apparatus that will allow an egg to survive
    when thrown off the school roof
  • Ice skating at Robson Square
  • Exploring the use of “theme” in literature
  • Exploring connections between Ancient Civilizations and life today, culminating with a Greek Night, where students invite their families and engage in demonstrations of
  • A three day, two night year end camping trip to Thetis Island
  • Preparing to transition to life in the high school
  • Learning to use poetry as a form of expression
  • A wide variety of extracurricular options in music and athletics
  • A farewell evening to celebrate each students’ time spent at the middle campus
  • A speech fest, where every student writes and delivers a speech

At Surrey Christian School, the grade 7’s play a very important role!  As the oldest students at the middle campus,  the grade 7’s are asked to be leaders in a number of different ways.  They have service jobs that they participate in around the school, and they are asked to help solve disputes between younger students on the playground.  One of the character traits of 11-13 year olds is that they are starting to ask bigger questions; they are starting to poke their head out of the rabbit hole, and look at the world around them.  As they do this, we want to encourage and stretch them to be intentional about looking beyond themselves, and caring for others both inside and outside the classroom.

Academically, grade 7 is a very diverse year.  Students study a variety of things including chemistry, the earth’s crust, ancient civilizations, ecosystems, patterns and relations, space and shape, and statistics and probability.  They also continue to learn French, engage in reading and/or writing poetry, short stories, and novels, have daily physical activity, and participate in both band and choir.

Grade 7 Egg Drop 2015