Grade 5

Our goal in grade 5 is to have students continue to transform their character and values as they “become fully alive in God’s story”.

Highlights of the grade 5 year include:

  • Band– students choose and learn to play instrument in beginner band
  • Writing autobiographies to explore the path of their lives so far and what          kind of image they reflect.
  • Victoria Field Trip – Students travel to Victoria to explore BC and Canadian history at the museum as well as tour the parliament buildings and meet government officials.
  • Grade 5 elections– Students develop and run a political party based on platforms that support and develop the immediate school community as well as the larger outside community. The winning party implements their platform for the benefit of the school community.
  • Science units – Exploring God’s creation through the study of BC’s Natural Resources, Human Body project based learning, and experiments based on simple machines.
  • Exploratories – We set aside time each week to explore questions and activities that are linked to the grade 5 curriculum.