Grade 1

Grade One at Surrey Christian School is a place of love, learning and laughter.  We learn about the wonder of God’s creation in Science as we explore our 5 senses, force and motion, magnets, plants, and animals.  Families (including family visits), friendship and safety are key themes in Social Studies.  Grade One is also an exciting year for students and parents as first graders learn how to read, write, add and subtract!!  Recess is always a highlight as students explore the forest, learn playground games, do running club and play on the lobster trap for the first time!

Our exciting field  trips include riding the Skytrain  and the Seabus to Lonsdale Quay, visiting the Vancouver Aquarium, enjoying the Surrey Art Gallery  and exploring Crescent Beach in search of “creatures”.

As educators, watching our Grade One students learn, grow, develop and discover is an amazing experience .  Each year we look forward to establishing relationships with students and their families and working in partnership with our school community to educate for wholeness.