Enrichment Class

Surrey Christian School offers an enrichment class for those students who are exceeding grade level expectations and outcomes by two years in math, science or the arts.  Many of these children need opportunities to work with various ways of representing knowledge and as such our goal is to compliment and go beyond the learning opportunities available in the regular classroom.  Our program is designed to challenge and develop the depth and breadth of these students’ critical, creative thinking and problem solving skills.

There are three modules we spotlight. The math module includes math concepts applied to actual life situations such as tree measuring through trigonometry and kite building through polyhedrons. Our art module involves exploring various forms of the arts from reader’s theater to clay sculpting and in science the focus is on creative experimenting such as discovering Newton’s third law through water bottle rockets and balloon propelled vehicles.

The more students know about how God created them and their unique abilities, the better they will be able to fully live in the God’s world.