Educational Support Services

Surrey Christian School believes that all students are an important part of our school community.  Every one of us is an important member of the Body of Christ.  Using an inclusive model, students are educated with their same-aged peers in regular classrooms to the degree that matches student ability and program needs.  Learning Assistance students receive support both inside and outside of the classroom. Each campus has a coordinator(s), as well as Educational Assistants who support both Learning Assistance and Special Needs students and are an integral part of Education Support Services.  

Education Support Services at Surrey Christian School helps students through:
•    Early intervention
•    Curricular support
•    Adaptations and modifications
•    Developmentally appropriate support
•    Parental involvement in program development

Applications for Special Education or Learning Assistance students will go to Sylvia DeWeerd, Director of Education Support Services, K-12.  Application deadline for Special Education students (including all supporting documentation) is March 15.  While all applications are considered, classroom size and needs at each grade are taken into consideration when new applications arrive.