International Student Program

Surrey Christian School welcomes international students! Not only do we have a great program for international students looking for a quality education but we also provide varied opportunities for those students to begin to master the English language. We highly value international students because of the positive impact that these students have on the educational experience of our Canadian students.

We limit the number of international students in each classroom so they will more readily be encouraged to engage the English language. Teaching staff is trained and advised on how to best meet the needs of international students. At each campus, a unique program has been devised to best meet the needs of the international students at that campus. Two international coordinators also communicate with parents of the students as well as advocating on behalf of the students as the need arises. Our coordinators also help parents with the enrollment processĀ and the BC medical services plan.
Surrey Christian School has been blessed by the presence of international students and past students report that they haveĀ been enriched by their experience in our school community.

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