International Memories

David (5A)
My memories at Surrey Christian School are about some of the school events; Canadian breakfast, four square and baseball. However, my favorite memories are of going to track & field, bulldog bowl and the swimming pool too. I remember the water slide – I tried it 7 times! I remember my science test, because it was exciting and fun as well as the spring concert. I studied and played during spring break too. I really enjoyed library time, because I read many exciting books. The books were about Lego, animals or Star Wars.


Jong (5H)
My memories and Surrey Christian School are of track and field, bulldog bowl, spring concert and swimming. Track and field was very fun because it was fair. I played shot put, 4×100 relay, long jump, hammer throw, and ball throw. It was fun! Bulldog bowl was really fun, because we beat Justin’s team. Spring concert was so good and swimming was so fun too.


Laura Park
My favorite memory at Surrey Christian School was bulldog bowl, especially this bulldog bowl because it was my last one. I so enjoyed it and had much fun. I really liked my team leader. At last our team got 2nd place. I’m really unhappy to miss next year’s.


Yelam (5A)
I had good times at Surrey Christian School. I had to do ESL but I had fun too. I learned many new things as SCS I learned bible and Mrs. Antonides told us fun stories including the rising of Lazarus and Jesus cleansing the temple. When we did P.E. we did many kinds of games like California kickball and Dr. Dodge Ball. I had fun. I have good memories of my time at SCS.


My favorite memories at Surrey Christian School was playing soccer with my classmates at recess. It was much fun to play soccer because it was during world cup. Before the world cup started, I wasn’t interested in soccer but soon as I watched the first game that Korea team played, I was really interested in soccer! I still love to play soccer with friends.