Grade 11 Course Planning

Grade 11
Course selection sheet

Guidelines for Course Planning
Students must select
.     – a Language Arts 11 course
.     – Pre-Calculus 11, Foundations of Math 11 or Workplace Math 11
.     – At least one science: Life Science 11, Physics 11, Chemistry 11, Environmental Science 11
.     – One Social Studies 11 or 12 course  – taken in either year
.     – French 11 or Spanish 11 or another grade 11/12 elective
.     – 2 Bible 12 electives
Grade 11 tends to be the “heaviest academic year” since many students choose to take 2 sciences and a foreign language.
Alternatives: Please choose 2 alternative elective courses. In the event that there is a conflict in the schedule and you are unable to take all the elective courses you have selected, the academic counselor will refer to your alternate elective choices to create a final timetable for you.
Unavailable: If you need to select a course that is not available to you on the MySchool course selection screen please see the academic counsellor.

:  it is very important to read course descriptions so that you understand what prerequisites are required for some course.  For example, the prerequisite for Anatomy and Physiology 12 is Chemistry 11, not Life Science 11. Be sure to review the prerequisites for math courses.  You will need a minimum of 70% in Foundations of Math/Pre-Calculus 10 to move on to Pre-Calculus 11. Please refer to the longer course descriptions below
Career Life Connections is a graduation requirement worth 4 credits.  These credits are accumulated over grade 11 and 12 and include documentation of 30 hours of work or volunteer experience, a transition plan for life after high school, the Vocation and the Kingdom of God class in Grade 12 and participation in the grade 12 Celebration Evening.

Foreign Language Challenge Exam for Grade 11 and 12 credit
is available to students who have language skills in French, German, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Mandarin, and Spanish. Registration for these exams takes place in October and requires an appointment with the academic counsellor.
MyBlue Print Education Planner All grade 10-12 students have access to MyBluePrint Education Planner which helps in high school and post-secondary planning. See  Make sure the selection of courses fulfills general and program specific university/college admission requirements.

Mandatory Courses

Elective Courses