Grade 10 Course Planning

Grade 10
Course selection sheet

Guidelines for Course Planning
Students must select
.     – At least 4 credits worth of fine arts/applied skills 10
.     – French 10 or Spanish 10 or an additional 4 credits worth of Fine Arts/Applied Skills 10
.     – Foundations of Math/Pre-Calculus 10 or Workplace 10
Courses that can be taken in both grade 9 and grade 10 because they have different curriculum include Art 9/10, Concert Band 9/10, Choir 9/10, Computer Studies 9/10, Drama 9/10, Media Design 9/10,  and Strings.
Courses that can only be taken once during grade 9 or grade 10 include Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10, Food Studies 10, Power Technologies 10, and Woodwork 10.
Alternatives: Please choose 2 alternative elective courses. In the event that there is a conflict in the schedule and you are unable to take all the elective courses you have selected, the academic counselor will refer to your alternate elective choices to create a final timetable for you.
Unavailable: If you need to select a course that is not available to you on the MySchool course selection screen please see the academic counsellor.

Career Life Education
is a graduation requirement worth 4 credits and it is taught in a number of different courses during grade 10, 11 and 12. Topics covered are healthy lifestyles, financial stewardship, and vocation and calling. Students who leave SCS after grade 10 will not have a final mark for this course and will be required to complete it at their next school.
MyBlue Print Education Planner
Bible 10 will introduce a program called MyBluePrint Education Planning which helps in high school and post-secondary planning. See

Mandatory Courses

Elective Courses