Kabala Christian School


Flourishing is the word we use to describe how things are going at our global partner school in Kabala, Sierra Leone. You won’t find anyone in town who doesn’t know about the Kabala Christian Primary, Junior Secondary, and Senior Secondary School and they all speak of it with deep gratitude and amazement that this school is in their town, in this part of the country. A school like this might be in the capital city Freetown, but Kabala? Not likely. It is quite remarkable to interview the students in the upper classes who speak with such passion and love for their school, their teachers and their North American supporters. It’s all very humbling, to think that our fundraising and sponsorship support is making such a big difference in this part of the world. ‘Teams’ of students from SCS have been able to spend time with our partner school in Sierra Leone on a bi-annual basis, changing the visiting students forever and forging deep and lasting relationships. We have been richly blessed by this partnership. In turn the school in Sierra Leone is being a blessing to its neighbors. Visitors to Kabala hear neighboring schools give high praise to the Christian school for the ways they have been blessed through professional development and the sharing of resources. We are blessed to be a blessing. 

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We believe that as God has blessed us richly with the wonderful schools that we may attend here in Surrey that we too must bless others. That has led us at Surrey Christian School to partner with Christians in the West African country of Sierra Leone to build and support a Christian day school. We are blessed in order to be a blessing and that blessing is being more fully realized ever day as the partnership in Kabala Sierra Leone grows. Our senior secondary students have been able to live in this community for a time, our teachers have been able to share their gifts and our primary school children communicate with their Sierra Leonian pen pals. God is doing miracles in this country and we are privileged to join the work. Global Partners in Education is a joint effort of our PreK-12 system, supporting educational efforts in the developing world.


You may notice a change in the name! There was a decision by the local board to change the name from Christian Reformed Church (CRC) Primary/Junior Secondary/Senior Secondary School to a simpler “Kabala Christian School.” The school has continued to add a class every school year, and now has close around 400 students attending class 1 – SSS 3 (class 12). KCS recently showed the best test results of any other school in the district as has a reputation nationwide as a ‘model’ school.


There was also a principal hired recently named Alusine Bundu, who will work alongside JT Koroma in running the school. A child sponsorship program, in addition to SCS’s semi-annual garage sale are a significant help for this school’s yearly operating budget.


Please keep both of these schools in your prayers, along with other schools that we have relationships with in South Africa, Moricetown BC, Korea, and China.