Juan Calvino Christian School

One way Surrey Christian Middle school “engages God’s world in the servant way of Jesus” is by supporting one of our partner schools, Juan Calvino Christian School which is situated in Choluteca, Honduras. Choluteca is a city on the Western coast of Honduras. Our original connection with Juan Calvino began when Janet Vander Heiden, our grade 4 teacher, went to Choluteca one summer to teach and support staff and also to learn about the challenges of being a Christian school teacher in Central America. Much of what Mrs. Vander Heiden learned was through Gloria, the school secretary at Juan Calvino, who opened her home and heart to Mrs. Vander Heiden and others.

Gloria shared the story, which was translated by a teacher from Ontario name Heidi Kerssies, and Ms. Vander Heiden was so moved and compelled by what she saw that she returned a second time to continue building our relationship with Juan Calvino. In her trip and subsequent trips by Mr. John Bron, our former principal, school supplies and books and financial assistance has been given to Juan Calvino. Students at our middle school have been involved through various fundraising efforts on our campus, with that money being used to pay for a student’s tuition—no one may attend the school unless tuition has been paid first. Over the past year, students have raised money through a coin drive, food sales, and donations at the middle school Christmas concert. Pictures of students are placed throughout our school to remind each of us of the faces of the children we support, but also to remember each of these students, teachers, and the school in prayer.