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South Africa Trip Recap

Across the Globe, United by Christ
by Jaylene L. and Rheagan M.

Over Spring Break a team of six Secondary Campus students (Zac B., Jacob N., Peter Y., Jaylene L., Rheagan M., and Michelle C.) and two teachers (Timon Piccini and Sue Alberts) had the opportunity to travel to South Africa. Over the course of the trip, the team was able to become immersed in South Africa’s culture. The first two days were spent in the city of Johannesburg, getting comfortable with each other in our team and settling into our new environment. Our tours of Johannesburg and Soweto helped us get a grasp of the history of South Africa, particularly its struggle with Apartheid. From there we travelled about five hours to a Thohoyandou, a small town where our sister school, Tshikevha Christian School, is located. During that time we got to really experience daily life in South Africa by taking classes as if we were students at Tshikevha–uniforms, 7:00 am start time, Afrikaans classes and all. Our eyes were further opened to South African culture by living in homes of Tshikevha Christian families. Through that opportunity, each team member came out with completely different stories, learning curves, and experiences. Despite the differences, each member was so well cared for and will be forever grateful for the memories that came from their homestay experiences with their new “brothers and sisters”.  Near the end of our trip we got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Kruger National Park. We spent three days driving through the expansive park seeing many stunning views and tons of wild animals.

Tshikevha Christian School showed amazing generosity and shared their gift of hospitality, making us feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place. From the whole school standing outside for the one hour long welcoming assembly, to the tears we collectively shed during our farewells, we felt bound together, regardless of how far our countries were apart. After spending a few weeks in South Africa, the students and teachers have come to the conclusion that South Africa is a country filled with so much beauty and colour – from the endless fields of green and vibrant sunsets, to the brilliant light that beams from the faces of the men and women. The South Africans we met were so humble in their approach to showing love and welcoming foreigners. We are so thankful for the opportunity we had and will forever remember the impact it had on each of us, hoping to continue to share the love we experienced in South Africa and bring it to our own country.

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