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Outdoor Kindergarten

From an early age, children are curious about nature. Being outside in nature can stimulate a child’s sense of wonder and discovery. Outdoor education supports inquiry and play based learning. Our deep hope is to invite students to ignite their excitement and curiosity for the natural world. We have a great opportunity to immerse our children in the awesome creation that God has given us to take care of.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Physical Development
* Outdoor learning through play develops motor skills, physical stamina and confidence while promoting fitness and health

Social Development
* Through play children improve confidence, social skills, communication, motivation and concentration as well as healthy and safe risk taking

Emotional Development
* Through nature play children develop creativity and a love of nature. Children learn empathy and responsibility and begin to see themselves as Earth Keepers.

Cognitive Development
* Through observation of the world around them students begin to explore, discover and reflect. Children develop flexible thinking and imagination.

Spiritual Development
* Outdoors is the perfect location to show students the wonders of what God has created and develop a relationship with our creator.

“So let’s take our children into God’s outdoor cathedral – Into the woods, the river, the streams, the meadows, the deserts, even the backyard. Let’s show them the wonders of what God has created, and that it is God who made all this. And that it is our job to love and protect what God has created. Let’s follow Jesus’ example by taking our children into our arms, by the hand and welcome them into this beautiful sacred world, and we do it in Jesus’ name. When we do this, we are, indeed, welcoming God.”
– Leah D Schade