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Moricetown Trip Recap

Moricetown, BC 
by Sophie Nagtegaal

The three of us (Sara D., Olivia L. and Sophie Nagtegaal) went to Moricetown/Witset BC. and spent six days at ICount, a high school for indigenous youth. The mission of the school is to provide a caring, sensitive and motivational environment for indigenous youth and one way that happens is by building bridges with other communities. Right from the first morning huddle, we felt warmly welcomed and we were grateful to be included in the life of the school for the week. Some highlights:

  • Eating bear meat (delicious)
  • Enjoying canned salmon (fabulous) caught by students in the river nearby
  • A day of cross country skiing with the school community
  • Creating a beautiful canoe paddle under the guidance of artist Dini Ze Smogelgem, and learning about all it represented
  • Learning how to make a quilted pillow cover in sewing class
  • Being welcomed into a home for a pizza and movie night


By far, the biggest highlight was the hospitality we received from everyone during our time at ICount. We are grateful for the opportunity we had to learn, to listen, and to join in a community that now has a piece of our hearts.

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