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Apprenticeship Mentors Needed

Work Experience and Apprenticeship Mentors needed!!


Hello all parents and community members.  As our work experience program grows, and the push with the new curriculum asks our students to gain workplace skills, the need for more mentors rises.  We are very excited about the learning that many of our students have had through the work experience program and are inviting you to be a mentor for our students in the future. 


The commitment can range anywhere from 30 hours to 90 hours of mentorship.  Many of the experiences are unpaid so that there is no pressure to get value out of the students, but rather to teach them workplace skills and employability skills.  Many of these experiences end in our students being hired by the employer as they finish with valuable training.  But this is not the expectation, just maybe a perk for you.  


Regarding the types of experiences we are looking for, the answer is all.  There is not a job out there that one of our students might be seeking.  It may not be this year, but in the future that you may be able to mentor someone.  The goal here is to create a database of mentors and experiences that our students could apply to work at.  In all instances, we would love them to go through an interview process where you can say yes or no, just like normal.  


If you are interested in helping, please click this link and give your information.  Thank you!!