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Guatemala Trip Recap

by Michaela I. 

I honestly believe that I speak on behalf of our entire team when I say that our trip to Guatemala was truly a life changing and unforgettable experience. The people we met, the places we visited, and the wide spectrum of emotions we felt are not things to be easily forgotten.  In the beginning, I admit that I had little clue as to what I was even signing up for, and was nervous to travel across the continent to live with a Spanish speaking family. I was among the youngest, and was going to travel alongside a group of people I had probably talked to twice (at most). Those fears were soon replaced with a feeling of belonging, both within the team itself, and from everyone we met in Guatemala. We were shown an overwhelming amount of hospitality and warmth the moment we arrived, and this was carried through until the very end. Simple things, such as the amount of never ending “hola’s” we received from strangers while simply walking down the street, the tight grip of the children’s arms around our waist, or our homestays who never ceased to ensure we were comfortable, were all acts of compassion that will never be forgotten.

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