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Welcome back to Surrey Christian School Secondary Campus 2018/19!!

We are hoping for a great year of involvement with both Drama and Athletics this year.  If your son or daughter is interested in being a part of extra-curricular fall sports or the mainstage production (play), please click the link below and fill out the appropriate information.  Fees and expectations are outlined below.

Click here for link.

Mainstage Production: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (A Musical)
Expectations/Commitment: Rehearsals twice a week (3-5:30) from January to end of February for those in specific scenes. Rehearsals three times a week (3-8:30) from end of February to Spring Break for the full cast. Production runs April 3-6 and April 10 -13. (No rehearsals over Spring Break.)
Schedule: Auditions are at the end of November. A couple meetings in December. Rehearsals from January to Spring Break. Performances right after Spring Break.
Fees/Costs: Possible Drama Retreat in Jan/Feb which would cost $150 for a 3 day/2 night trip. No other costs.

Fall Athletics/Sports:
Gr. 8 and Jr Volleyball – Practices/games 3 times a week, 3-4 Friday/Saturday tournaments between September to mid-November. One of the tournaments will involve travel. Parent drivers or volunteers will be needed for these teams.
Sr. Volleyball – Practices/Games 3-4 times a week, 4-5 Friday/Saturday tournaments between September to end-November. One of the tournaments will involve travel.
Rock Climbing
Thursdays from 3-5 starting the first week of October.
– Competitive season runs October – January
– Preparation for outdoor climbing runs February – May
– Final outdoor climbing trip – end of May
Boys Soccer – Train/play 2x per week. 3 tournaments – 1 is travel. Season runs September to the end of October

Please refer to the google Calendar for information (Click on the “week” view for easy viewing):

Click here for schedule.

Try out Times:
Gr. 8 boys Volleyball @ Sept 10 and 12 (3-5pm). Team begins full training the week of September 17th.
– Gr. 8 Girls Volleyball @ September 11 and 13 (3-5pm). Team begins full training the week of September 17th.
– Jr. Boys Volleyball @ September 6th and 7th (3-5pm)
– Jr. Girls Volleyball@ September 4th (12:30-3pm), 5th (3-5pm)
– Sr. Girls Volleyball @ September 5th (3:30-6pm) and 6th (5-7pm)
– Sr. Boys Volleyball @ September 4th (3:30-5:30pm), 5th (3:30-5pm – Elementary) and 7th (3-5pm)
– Boys Soccer @ September 6th (3:30-5)

One time Athletic Fee/Athlete per year of $65
Fall Sports fees:
– Soccer Fee is $75
– Gr. 8 and Jr. Volleyball Fee is $75.
– Sr. Volleyball Fee is $110.
– Rock Climbing – $100 – all year