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Europe Trip Recap (with video)

Europe Music Tour 2018
by Dana L, grade 11

15 senior music students and 2 chaperones had the opportunity to engage in the history of music from the Baroque and Classical eras in the places where it all began. We toured four different countries and six different cities over the course of thirteen days, during which we visited many cathedrals, museums, and composers’ houses. In Germany we visited Eisenach, Bach’s place of birth, and Leipzig, his final resting place. We were able to learn more about Bach’s life, from his difficult childhood to his major innovations in the musical world through several museums and Bach houses.

Next, we made a brief visit to Prague in the Czech Republic where we were able to get a taste of the beauty and magnificence of the city through an evening boat tour.

From there, we drove to Vienna, Austria. We visited a Mozart house where we learned about Mozart’s home life, and we also visited a sound museum detailing the science behind how we hear. The next day, we went to Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace. This was a special day, as it was Easter and there was also a photo scavenger hunt for the group. In this scavenger hunt, we were to follow a list of clues and take group pictures around the city. This was one of the highlights of the entire trip; we were encouraged to explore Salzburg and take a closer look at the sights around us. At the Salzburg Cathedral, we had the unique opportunity to attend an Easter Mass. It was an incredibly awe-inspiring experience that we will never forget. Salzburg is also the setting for The Sound of Music, and we got to visit the Mirabell Gardens which were featured in the movie.

Our last stop was Venice, Italy. Our group visited the beautifully ornage Basilica Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari. The scenery of Venice was unlike anything we’d ever seen; everywhere you looked was like a picture out of a postcard. We also went to St. Mark’s Campanile and St. Mark’s Basilica.

Each one of our lives has been so enriched by this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We now have a greater understanding of the history of music and its many developments through the years. By having the chance to go to these places ourselves, these composers and their work have become that much more real to us. Europe 2018 has deepened our love for music, and we hope to carry these experiences with us for the rest of our lives.