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Dogwood Award Winners

Congratulations to the following grade 12 students who received the 2016/17 District Dogwood Scholarship in the amount of $1250 each. 5500 students province wide receive this scholarship for outstanding achievement in any of the following areas: Fine Arts; Applied Skills; Design & Technology; Physical Activity; International Languages; Community Service; Technical Trades & Training; and Indigenous Languages & Culture.

Cassie B – Music
Chris B – Community Service
Grace B – FineArts
Justin C – Fine Arts
Maria G – Community Service
Janessa H – Physical Activity
Kelsey H – Community Service
Crystal J – Leadership
Patrick J – Fine Arts (Music)
Trenton K – Physical Activity
Shawn L – Applied Skills (Robotics)
Cassie P – Community Service
Adam R – Physical Activity
Nathalie S – Community Service
Anton T – Physical Activity
Timothy T – Fine Arts (Drama)
Jodi T – Community Service
Kiera V – Physical Activity
Amy W – Physical Activity
Joshua Y – Fine Arts
Emma V – Community Service