Staff Elementary

The Primary School staff offers a safe, caring and stimulating environment geared toward the early learning needs of the whole child. Teachers and parents partner to build on the foundation to support a love for lifelong learning. Each grade participates in a variety of engaging field trips that support and extend the curriculum.

Dave Loewen | Superintendent
Clara Atagi | Development Coordinator
Christina Binnema | Finance/Accounts Receivable
Carolyn Gerber | Executive Administrative Assistant
Joanne IronsideDirector of Finance
Jessica Liu | International Student Coordinator
Clarissa Medel | Administrative/Finance Assistant
Helen ParkInternational Program Director

Tim Antonides | ELL Program Director
Matthew Beimers | Cloverdale Campus Principal
Elisabeth Bron | Enrichment Coordinator
Darryl DeBoer | Director of Learning
Sylvia DeWeerd | Educational Support Services Coordinator
Mylana Goheen | Strings Teacher
Michael Hoffmann | Maintenance Manager
Francis Panes | System & Network Administrator
Pamela Soanes | International Department

Danny NagtegaalPrincipal, Elementary Campus
Evelyn Bouwman | Assistant Principal/Educational Support Services
Doug StuartAssistant Principal/Athletic Director
Tami AkladiosPreschool (Clayton Heights)
Christina AntonidesGrade 7
Monica AntonidesGrade 4
Colin BandstraGrade 6/Athletic Director
Joanna BarclayEducation Assistant
Anna-Lise BerkenpasGrade 3
Jodie BomhofKindergarten
Megan Bootsma | Education Assistant
Nancy Bosma | Kindergarten
Sara Breedveld | Grade 2
Leanne Briggs | Grade 2
Jean Chen | Preschool (Clayton Heights)
Brenie Clamer | Education Assistant
Miranda CorreiaPreschool
Diana DaigneaultAdministrative Assistant
Rachel DeBolster | Special Education Services Coordinator
Tanyia DenHoed | Preschool
Amanda Dougherty | Education Assistant
Micah Dykman | Education Assistant
Maria Elsom | Education Assistant
Mackenzie Fenton | Education Assistant
Eric FernhoutGrade 7
Jackie Frers | Out of School Care
Kimberly Groen | Education Assistant
Rebecca Harback | Education Assistant
Jackie HofstedeGrade 5
Adrienne Hummelman | Education Assistant
Savannah HummelmanEducation Assistant
Kathleen JanzenEducation Assistant
Vicky JanzenPreschool
Danelle KasteleinGrade 5
Samantha KiddGrade 1
Donna KlompsLibrarian
Nathanael LawsMusic (Primary Campus)
Karin Loubser | Grade 3
Caroline MacLellanEducation Assistant
Emmeline MahonMusic (Middle Campus)
Austin MalnisGrade 6
Karen Marchinkow | Education Assistant
Christa McGillEducation Assistant
Racheal MeijersGrade 6
Carolyn Meyer | Grade 1
Catherine Miles | Finance Assistant
Savannah Muller | Education Assistant
Kimberley Nill | Education Assistant
Mylyn Nuguid | Out of School Care Supervisor
Janice Paul | Out of School Care
Timon Piccini | Grade 7
Tamalin Plowman | Kindergarten
Jaime Reek | Education Assistant
Esther Reves | Education Assistant
Justine Reynolds | Grade 1
Darren Sedore | Education Assistant
Stephanie Shaugnessy | Education Assistant
Arlene Stegeman | Grade 4
Madison Steunenberg | Grade 3
Jennifer Tardif | Education Assistant
Giselle Triemstra | Education Assistant
Heather Van Ooyen | Grade 3
Annette VanRanden | Administrative Assistant
Janet Vander Heiden | Grade 4
Jen VanderBeek | Librarian
Katie Vis | Education Assistant
Louise Vis | Educational Support Services Coordinator
Ian Walser | Education Assistant
Jenna Walstra | Education Assistant
Karina Wiebenga | Grade 4
Janice Wong | Education Assistant
Marissa Young | Grade 1
Ashleigh Yzerman | Preschool (Clayton Heights)
Melanie Yzerman | Preschool Director
Pam Zuidhof | Grade 5