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Global Partners

You only need to walk down the hallways at Surrey Christian School to know that we are more and more clearly experiencing new global realties. The families represented in our schools have their roots in all parts of the world. We are becoming a United Nations technicolor mosaic of racial and ethnic diversity. This new reality has also sharpened our calling to be neighbors in the global village. We are committed to engaging our students with the deep needs of the world, the riches of its many cultures and languages and particularly our own calling to be generous with our wealth and the gift of Christian education. We have established several partnerships that encourage this generous giving and mutual learning.

We have had a partnership with Juan Calvino Christian School in Honduras for many years where we provide scholarships to students to attend this school. In 2004 we began a relationship with a Christian community in Kabala, Sierra Leone, and built and now partner to operate this school with sponsorship funds from North America. We have a number of other relationships in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Korea and China. We have plans to develop relationships closer to home where communities have been pushed to the margins of Canadian society.

We want to be a learning community that teaches by doing and experiencing. We know the transformation that happens when our students have the privilege of living with families who are among the very poorest in the world. These students most often come back from these trips with a renewed sense of their future life directions in career and work.

Global Partners in Christian Education, though linked to Surrey Christian School in its goals and mandate, has a separate Board, constitution and bylaws and has its own charitable tax status. The board meets regularly to oversee the work of a director and its various operations abroad.

A daughter organization of Surrey Christian School, GPCE was started in 2010 with the purpose of overseeing SCS’s global school – to – school partnerships, of which there are a growing number. SCS currently has partnerships with schools in Honduras, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Korea, China, and British Columbia. Although the history and nature of these relationships are different, they all serve to advance the cause of Christian Education globally while allowing us as a school discover what God is doing in the world. GPCE ‘s board of directors is made up of representatives from SCS primary, middle, and secondary, as well as members of the greater SCS community. The directors are approved by GPCE’s membership, the SCS school board. The board currently consists of Judith Carcamo, Joanne Ironside, Helen Park, Janet VanderHeiden, Alice Wemae, and Joe Melissen (chair). The director is Dennis deGroot.

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